4 reasons Indianapolis 500 is known as the greatest motor race

Indianapolis 500 is a very popular motor race game help every year at Indiana.This event started in 1911. Many spectators gather here every year to watch this spectacular event. Here are the reasons why this race is so popular.


It is one of the oldest and most prestigious events of motor racing in the world. Drivers from around the world come here to compete. Within two years of it’s beginning, this race was elected to host a 500-miler on Memorial Day. About 80,000 people attended the first event.

2. Indianapolis Motor Speedway

The speedway is something to see. From start to finish, you will see a three-foot path of the original bricks which formed the racing surface once. The speedway evolved over time. But the track still measures 2.5 miles around and has 9-degree banking in the turns.

3. Speed

Competitors in the first Indy 500 ran faster than 75 mph over a quarter-mile to qualify. In 1996 record was set by Arie Luyendyk with a lap of 237.895 mph in qualifying. In 2000, Eddie Cheever set the record of a top average speed of 187.433 mph. Recently, the speed exceeding 200 mph.

4. Prestige

Winning or participating in such a race of speed is a symbol of prestige. Many people have died preparing for the race. So, it’s something not everyone can do.

All these reasons make Indianapolis 500 very special. Every year people of Indiana and all the motor race fans eagerly wait for this spectacular event.